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"Sorry sir, we can't take lost property of this size."

When a nervous writer discovers a lost robot girl and kindly attempts to find her parents, the policeman he requests help from does not treat her with the same generosity.

- - -

This is a prototype interactive comic format, which includes transition effects as an early pass. In the future, we may introduce minigames and streamline the viewing and interactive experience.

Platform restrictions and suggestions:

  • Android-only.
  • Optimised for tablet-sized screen (will function on mobile, however text may be hard to read)
  • Tested to work on Android 5.0: 1.9GHz octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage. May struggle on older models.

Known Issues:

If you have any feedback, bugs or errors, please report them in the comments section!

 Aspect ratio and content padding may be inconsistent across devices.


Art Director and Editor:
Jennifer Reuter
(www.jarodragon.com / @jarodragon)

Technical Director and Writer:
Rohan Malone
(valentinegames.studio / @ValentineGames)

Install instructions

Download to your android device and install from the .apk file package.


BabybotProtoV1.2.apk 31 MB

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